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About Joondalup
Built on the banks of Lake Joondalup, the suburb and city of Joondalup is located some 26 kilometers away from Joondalup CBD. Its name is a Noongar Aboriginal word thought to mean either "place of a creature that can move backwards" or "place of whiteness and glistening".

A regional city, the central business district of Joondalup provides major shopping centers, cinemas, restaurants and various facilities catering not only to its residents but to its neighbouring suburbs as well. Its CBD, which is home to several government facilities including the Joondalup Library and Joondalup Health Campus, is centered on the beautiful Grand Boulevard.

Joondalup Drive as well as Grand Boulevard runs through the center of the city while other major roads such as Burns Beach Road and Mitchell Freeway border it at the north and west sides, respectively. Its neighbours include the suburbs of Connolly and Ocean Reef to the west, Heathridge to the south and Edgewater to the southeast.

There are plenty of parks all over the city like the Central Park and the Neil Hawkins Park that belongs to the larger Yellagonga Regional Park. There are also numerous sports clubs and facilities in Joondalup such as the Arena Joondalup, home of the West Joondalup Football Club. For entertainment, tourists and residents can check out bars like Grand Boulevard Tavern and The Old Bailey.

Although most of the dwellings in Joondalup are apartments and townhouses, a few hundred detached homes can be found at the North West corner of the city.

Young students study at Joondalup Primary School while older students have plenty of options - the Edith Cowan University, Lake Joondalup Baptist College, West Coast College of TAFE, West Australian Institute of Further Studies and Australian Institute for University Studies which shares its campus with Curtin University of Technology, Joondalup Campus.

Schools in Joondalup
Joondalup Real Estate Market Statistics
The information herein provided is deemed to be reliable but accuracy is not guaranteed.
Census Summary 2006-Joondalup
Population - Usually Resident
Median Age of Residents (Years)
Residents less than 19
Residents 20-64
Residents over 65
Average Household Size (persons)
Median Weekly Household Income
Median Monthly Mortgage Repayment
Median Weekly Rent
Number of Occupied Dwellings
Fully Owned 1
Being Purchased 2
Being Rented 2
Other 2
*2006 Censis Statistics provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

1. Excludes visitor only households
2. % Calcs exclude Not Stated Component
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