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About Connolly
Built originally as a golf course estate in the late 1980s, Connolly has grown to become a suburb of Connolly, Western Australia. It belongs to the City of Joondalup and was named after John Connolly who arrived in the area in 1829. At present, the golf course still continues to operate while many affluent homes line its borders.

Prairie Dunes Place is a popular street during the Yuletide season as it comes alive for the annual Christmas lights display. This Christmas lights exhibit is not just for show but beginning 1999, has also served as a fundraising drive for the Association of the Blind WA.

Connolly and neighbouring suburbs and towns are easily accessible from Connolly through the Mitchell Freeway road reserve located at the east, Marmion Avenue at the west, Hodges Drive at the south and Shenton Avenue at the north of the suburb. Joondalup and Edgewater are located east of Connolly while Ocean Reef is at its west side. Currambine and Kinross can be found up north while Beldon and Kallaroo are down south.

Young school children travel to the east side of the suburb to attend Connolly Primary School, the only primary school in Connolly. Older students are more fortunate as they do not have to travel far in order to reach their schools. Several high schools are scattered at the different sides of the golf course and in neighboring suburbs. Students living east of the golf course attend Belridge Senior High School while those from the west go to Ocean Reef Senior High School. Older students may also choose to study at Prendiville Catholic College and Lake Joondalup Baptist College.

Schools in Connolly
Connolly Real Estate Market Statistics
The information herein provided is deemed to be reliable but accuracy is not guaranteed.
Census Summary 2006-Connolly
Population - Usually Resident
Median Age of Residents (Years)
Residents less than 19
Residents 20-64
Residents over 65
Average Household Size (persons)
Median Weekly Household Income
Median Monthly Mortgage Repayment
Median Weekly Rent
Number of Occupied Dwellings 1
Fully Owned 1
Being Purchased 2
Being Rented 2
Other 2
*2006 Censis Statistics provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

1. Excludes visitor only households
2. % Calcs exclude Not Stated Component
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