6 Easy Steps to Selling Your First Home
Step 5 | Offers
The big day arrives when your first offer is received. Your first home is that much closer to being sold, and now the real negotiations begin...



When your first offer arrives, you are bound to have concerns:

  • It looks like a good offer, but we have only had one buyer looking. Do we accept the offer or wait?
  • My family needs to move quickly, should we counter the offer...?
  • We need a lot more than that. Should we reject the offer?
  • The offer seems really low, can we reject the offer?

As the comments above show, there is more to evaluate in an offer than simply the price the buyer is willing to pay. Understanding the details of the offer can be a complex and confusing matter. Our job is to advise and assist you in reviewing every aspect of the offer in order to determine if it meets your needs.


When an offer is acceptable, we will work with you and the buyer to ensure that the transaction moves swiftly and without problems. Our experience has prepared us for the common contingencies that arise and helps us alert you to areas where special considerations may be required. Past clients told us that our ability to guide them through this phase of the sales process is one of the most valuable services that we provide.



All offers must be in writing

Joint Form of General Conditions


A written offer on your home is comprised of two primary documents that form part of the contract of sale. The first part is the Offer and Acceptance. This form is filled out with conditions, price and settlement date. It is also used to negotiate the terms of the sale. The second document is the Joint Form of General Conditions which has been co-created by the Law Society of WA and the Real Estate Institute of WA to protect you and the buyer equally if any issues arise.

Once an offer has been accepted on your home we are now in the final stage of the sale. Read about the settlement process next.

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