6 Easy Steps to Selling Your First Home
Step 1 | Assess Your Needs

Determine Why You Are Moving, Where You Want To Go, When You Want To Be There And Let Us Take Care Of Selling Your First Home



Property, real estate, homes for sale, sell my houseIt may sound simple, but the last thing you want to do is rush and fail to truly assess your situation. It is very important to let us know the full picture so that we can help you better.


You may have decided "It is simply time" to move, or you have found your "dream" home and your emotions got the best of you. Even if you need to move fast, having an assessment can go a long way in helping you move on time.



Your Reasons For Selling Your First Home May Be:


• We want to move closer to the kids' schools.

• We have found our dream home!... We need to move fast.

• Our family needs to move since I had a career change.

• We do not have time to wait for the best price.

• We have a baby on the way.

Having a plan in place right from the start will help ensure that your goals and time frame are met. When you are in a hurry to sell it is important to look at alternative selling methods that can help you achieve your goals set in your timeframe. Some examples include, no price marketing or setting up an auction.



Understanding Selling Time


The most important factor to consider when selling your property is to never underestimate time. Even if everything is timed perfectly, your home will likely be sold within 4 to 6 weeks. These days buyers need about 3-4 weeks to get their finances approved by their bank and another two to three weeks for settlement.  


A good rule of thumb when selling your home is to set the timeframe to three months. This time allotment includes a few weeks to get your house ready, which we will cover in step two.

So when assessing your moving plans, be sure to leave enough time to prepare, promote and finally settle your first home sale.



Assess Your Needs


We have prepared an assessment that will help you achieve your goals when selling your home. The 5 minutes that it takes to complete your assessment will save you a lot of time later on. And as a bonus for completing your assessment, you will also receive our free property staging tips "15 Steps to Maximise Your Sales Results!". These few steps will have you and your home ready in no time. 



Next Steps


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Children have concerns when moving and it is important to get them involved in the sale of the family home so that they will feel good about a big change to friends and even a new school.


Happy father with two kids in a parkKids need special care and you will need their help in keeping the house tidy during the sale preparation. So help them to tidy up their rooms and box up excess toys and games, and speak with them regarding the importance of keeping things tidy while the house is being sold.

One suggestion is to get the kids excited about moving to a new area by taking them to see some local parks and playgrounds in the area where you are planning to move. This often peaks the kids' interest and let them look forward to their new adventure. Assure them that they will be able to make new friends easily because making friends can always seem like a huge task for kids. In general, try to help them adjust wherever you can. Read our guide on helping kids move.

When you are moving to a new area, you may want to be sure you know the school calendars or schedule and are prepared to move on quickly as soon as your house is sold.

We have provided a link to schools in various areas in the suburb research section. The said suburbs include Duncraig, Padbury, Heathridge, Kingsley, Woodvale and many more.

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> School Research for Perth's Northern Suburbs




Mark and Natalie’s experience with selling their Hillarys home


When Natalie and Mark decided to sell their first home, they admitted to being a little naïve. The first agent they hired (from a competing national company) talked a good game, but once their home was listed, the story changed dramatically. Mark explains.

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