6 Easy Steps to Selling Your First Home

9 Home Financing Tips to help you secure a better deal from your lender when upgrading your home


Never rush to into choosing the first financial institution you encounter... or stick with the one you have without first shopping around. They may offer you what seems to be the best solution... but without shopping around how will you know?


You can actually save a lot in monthly repayments if you shop around. This might sound like a bit of work, but actually its not.


We answer the following in detail:

  • Should you stick with your current bank?
  • Do you look for a mortgage broker to help?
  • What paperwork do you need to apply correctly to a lender?


We'll explain the whole process in detail so when you approach a lender you'll be ready to make an offer on that new home, have all the documentation prepared and be ready to go.


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